Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-07-12 16:55:31 (UTC)

Day 10

Where must one start?
Jeremiah and I were the only ones in the studio this time.
We comped and auto-tuned "Quiet" and then did a rough mix
of "Until It’s You"…I think all we will need to change are
little changes and possibly add some bells. Next week we
will mix 2 other songs.

So much in my life has been changing. I don’t know why I
do, why I feel, or why I think the way I do but I know that
sometimes there are things I HAVE to do. And this time I
have to do this.

I have been feeling a little lonely lately
I don’t know my friends anymore and I never have anything
to do
I spend most of my life on a computer
It did seem as though 2 of my friends "needed" me this
There is no greater feeling than to be "needed"
One needed me to listen and give advice and the other just
needed a ride.
I love be there for people when they need me.
I feel as though one of my purposes in life is just to love
people unconditionally
the other might be to serve people
God has been teaching me so much
I went to church twice yesterday
One time was to play at my dad’s church
I feel sorry for their church
there are NO young people all old people and there was less
than 100 people there
I am doing my soul searching
I want to do the Lords will not mine and that is the battle
I constantly fight
anywho now I am at work and another week has started
so I must great it with a smile

CD: Cake / Prolonging the Magic – this album is amazing.
It’s so weird how Cake can blend hip-hop, country and pop
rock to make a sound all their own
Movie: King Arthur – not so good…no myth = no fun /
Anchorman – amazing I LOVE WILL FERRELL
Book – Revolution (the making of the Beatles’ White Album) –
in the same series as the making of Pets sound but not as
in depth and it seems the Author doesn't even like the