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2004-07-11 23:23:07 (UTC)

George W. Bush....is a dick

I went to Tubesock's new casa yesterday to paint and
work, et cetera, and help them get things into shape.

I am HORRIBLE at painting. I'm sloppy and don't pay
attention well - apparently. The paint dripped off of the
roller and onto the wall, and Ms. Anne freaked out. She
kind of made me feel bad at first, but she was just in a
bad mood and I just laughed it off, though I was still
feeling a little shitty. I was reassigned to spackle every
freaking wall, then vacuum all the carpeting, and unscrew
some things in the bathroom. Then we (we being Tahe,
Tubesock, and I) started painting Tubesock's room. I didn't
really care if I sucked at painting, because they both
sucked too. But it turned out cool. The colors are a little
weird, and I don't think they're what Tubesock had in mind,
but hopefully it'll look cool when it's all done and he'll
be happy with it.

I got to the house in a flirty mood, finally seing human
life after being cooped up in the apartment for a while.
But Tahe and Tubesock weren't interested so I just gave up
on that and went to work doing all kinds of things. After
we left the house, I don't know what time, we went back to
Tubesock's [other] house and showered and ate. Now the
shower. That was odd. I took one in his mom's bathroom,
which all together is about as huge as my room plus the
kitchen. The shower was enormous. There was even a bench
inside so you could sit down if you wanted. I didn't. But
it was still cool. When I got out, the reality hit: And
there I was, standing naked in my friend's mom's bedroom.
So I laughed at myself then got dressed and went downstairs
and sat on Tahe and checked out who was signed online, etc.
Then we had some food, which was difficult because I
reeally wanted some jambalaya but I couldn't have it
because I'm back vegetarian. So I got some fish sticks and
watched Tahe and Tubesock scarf the jambalaya. Then we went
upstairs and Tubesock played drums.

Whenever we go up there and he starts to play, no matter
how many times I've heard him, I'm always blown away. He is
really, really good. I may bitch at him all the time for
being cocky, but I guess when you're THAT good, you have
the right to boast. I know I would just stand up on my
chair and be like HELL YA BITCHES! WHAT NOW?
Unnnnfortunately I don't play drums so that's only a
fantasy. But he is awesome. Then we went in the closet
again, but only for a minute before Tahe decided he wanted
to give me a pedicure and Tubesock wanted to give me a
massage. Well I thought they were kidding, but Tahe said he
was serious, so I was like let's do it! We went downstairs
and Tahe ACTUALLY gave me a pretty decent pedicure and the
massage Tubesock was giving my shoulders/back...mmmm...I'm
a massage slut. Ms. Anne came in at one point and was like
wow, how'd you get them to do that? She couldn't believe it
was their idea. I think it was a mixture between anger and

Then Tubesock gave me a butt massage. That was hilarious.
I don't know who enjoyed it more. After a while my lips
hurt because I was biting them so hard. I was trying so
hard not to laugh at the whole thing. I had Tahe giving me
a hand massage, then Tubesock sitting on my thighs giving
me a butt massage. Plus I was watching The New Guy which is
already hilarious by itself. Gah...I have the greatest
friends...but I'm pretty sure that's a one-time-only deal.

Then at 10:30 Miss Anne made me go upstairs, which sucked
big time because I NEVER go to sleep that early, and I was
going to be bored out of my mind for a few hours until I
finally fell asleep. The guys had to stay downstairs, where
there was food, tv, a computer, eachother...I got upstairs,
with dark...So I just kinda sat there in the dark, going
crazy. I was really mad. Once I finally got to sleep, I
couldn't stay asleep. I kept waking up. Then finally I woke
up at around 10ish when avz called the house to say he was
coming over. Joy. Realizing I couldn't go back to sleep, I
got up, washed up, got dressed, and went downstairs where
Tahe was already up and playing video games. Go figure.
Then I went into Tubesock's room where he was still
sleeping. I plopped down on the bed next to him and got all
in his face, telling him to get up. I think he was mad at
me for waking him up. But his mom came down asking what we
wanted for breakfast. She made really good pancakes, man.
But I was a little distracted by Tahe's eating; he put
about four different things in his mouth at one time. I was
wondering when he would swallow. It wasn't gross or
anything. I was pretty amused.

Then we went to the house and painted some more. Avz
never showed up. He had a game. The funny part was, I think
they were more disappointed then I was. It felt good not to
care. He wouldn't have let us listen to N sync had he been
there. We found an old tape and popped it in. We still knew
some of the words, it was awesome. Now I'm back at the
apartment, and really hungry. I want some more of those

FUCKING BROWNIES!!! FUCK!!! I fucking wanted some fucking
brownies, and I fucking didn't get any! I was fucking sad,
man! and he gets to fucking eat some fucking brownies. All
the fucking brownies he wants, man. All the fucking time.
Do I get fucking brownies? Fuck no! Cause my fucking house
burned. Even before the fucking house burned I didn't get
fucking brownies unless I went to his fucking house.


fuckin sucks, man.

I think they're gonna come over tomorrow (better bring me
some fucking brownies) and watch I Love the 90s with me,
and goof around. I need to do something with girlfriends
though. But Margo is training all the time (horses), Alexa
is in Nova Scotia, Michelle is somewhere with her church
group even though she should be back soon, Turtle is always
with Sarah (biiiitch) so I need to step it up and start
stealing Turtle back, eating some more goddamn ice cream
with Michelle, and go see a chick flick with Mary before
she leaves (last movie I saw with her was Cat in the Hat, I
think). I really want to hang out with Max more too. He's
obviously not a girlfriend, but he's really awesome to hang
out with always. That's one of the things Tahe and I were
talking about yesterday. We both think Max is really cool.
I'm really glad we're going to school together for another
four years. I can't imagine life without him.

Damn mother fucking fucker bitches SHIT I AM HUNGRY

I go on a rampage when I'm hungry. I mean I am reeeeally

After I eat I need to go to co-op to pick up some books
and some pencils. I'm itchin' to sketch.

FINALLY. DINNER TIME. Going for Mexican - hell yeah.




"Conservatives love America the way a four-year-old loves
Mommy. Liberals love America like grown-ups. To a four-year-
old, everything Mommy does is wonderful and anyone who
criticizes Mommy is bad."

-Al Franken...I got the quote from an article, "Liberals
love America too"

It speaks for itself really. I'm a pretty political person,
though it doesn't show here. I am liberal alllllllllllllll
the way.

George W. Bush...is a dick.

fin that

whoa...un-fin for a sec...I just realized this is my 100th
entry. One hundred entries. That's pretty cool. I'm like a
pioneer, man. Even Abby has a my-diary account now. Even
though she has one entry (talking about boys) and I'm all
the way up to 100.

okay, I just thought I'd share that with myself...