2004-07-11 20:51:58 (UTC)

Talking stuff!

What is going on and stuff? I hope great! Me....haha,
ok I guess. Im kind of sort of sick but its going away
slowly. Damn, life is funny you guys. Dude, and Im a
fucking idiot too! Yay me! Nah but that shit is no more. I
know exactly what I want in life and its not what most
people think it is. Its just my little secret, no one
elses, yay me! I don't like friends by the way. They
fucking suck. You know, you don't need friends in life. All
you need is your family. Fuck everyone else! Im now
understanding that, better now than never. I know that Im
going to be alone in stuff so hey who cares. Lets see, have
you guys ever been blinded by love? I have! I have! It
sucks and stupid but Im over it. Im so smart now! YAY ME!
Well yeah thats great. Um, Im debating whether to go out
tonight or what. I think my sisters are going, Im not sure.
I hope they do so I can see them cause I haven't seen them
in a long ass time. Lets see what else, well Im going to
start the fall term of school next month which is cool! Oh
yeah, I've been time-warping my butt through some stuff
from back then. I found some pictures of my friends from
Junior High. I found a picture of Crystal M., my first ever
girl crush. Looking fucking cute!!!! I've always wanted her
to be mine but destiny didn't let that happened. Oh well,
maybe next time, lol. But Im in love with Laura. Yeah thats
great. Well people, gots to go. Bye!