Goodnight, Starlight.

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2004-07-11 15:20:14 (UTC)

July 11th

Yo. Long time since ive written an entry. Dont know why, I
think i just forgot about you. =).
And we haveeee our Vacation planned. Not tha big of a
vacation, but oh well. We're gonna drive down to Baddeck
(Cape Breaton} thensee Glo, Bonny, and all of their family.
For those of you who have no clue who they are...They're
friends of mine who which ive known for about 3 years. I
talk to them every single day. and Im Soooooo excited to be
meeting them for the first time, and all their sisters who
i do know, and wish to meet as well. I tink we are stayin
for 2 nights or sumpin. Dad wants to save our money then go
somewhere nice for winter vacation. Yeah, Like thats going
to happen. I really wanted to drive down to New Jersey, and
go to Six Flags. Butttt this is better id say.
Not much has happened over the past few days.
Buttttttttttt...Ima be in 25 =) c'monnn, be happy for me.
Nnyeah. its greatness.
Haha im just here trying to think what happened over the
last few! this is exciting! I ate a Sour
Cream and Onion chip! Wooooooot. Yay for me! told you it
was exciting. I also went to the dentist...ooooooo
aaaahhhhhhh. Got my bump taken off my retainer, now i cant
talk. I sound like someone who has no teeth in (therefore
someone with dentures) its so funny. Ooo! And i painted my
nails! Cool eh? oh yesh. indeeeeed. Bah, gonna end this
here, im getting very bored. Later gator