the entries
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2004-07-11 08:10:48 (UTC)

q again

same day..... again. who gives a fuck. feel like putting
theise two down.

dont talk that way twisted melon. red onion. hot
potaaaot hot potato. lemon lemon lemon lemon. the
kertain closes the mouth opens, a scream erupts. knife
in the back, twist of the neck. snap. hungry? silent?
upset? im sorry. are you up. get down. ghoast in the
grave yard. butcher on the hill. the sun is rising. kill or
well........................................ mice poo, mice poo. fly eye,
fly eye. hole, hoeholeholeholeholehole holeholehole.
reload. hole holeholeholeholeholehole. pop, bang, pop
bang, pop, bang, pop, bang. ordinary silence. itchy
head. a couple of minits silence. or they'll shoot you
dead. eating from the kitchen. wish it was silent, wish it
was quiet. but its not, but its not. getting pretty hot.
dead, dead, dead, dead, fullstop, dead.
meet him in the garrage met him in the shed. left alone.
no one home. not my home. shuvle in the face, across
the head. wish i was, wish i was wish i was i was i was
was was was was was as as as as s s s s s, slithering
snake. get the rake. all is over all is ove....................full
stop dead.

love you dead

how is your self going. how is the

world treating you. how do you like you corn flake. how
do you sit when you want some hing ou cant have. ow
do you know when i stop.
how is the panting on the wall diferent to the slab on the
how is creativity compared to science. how is the life
you lead more or less valuble to a rose. how do you
spell because. your elementry watch dog. your
telapethy spin top. your running feet. your flying leep.
nothing even matters because nothing ever did. the
dreams will forgive me swallow me or except me. ill ry
and under stand only if you tell me. mono tone teacher
killing all the justice. a cat and a donkey jumping from
the turrece.

have a lovely day.