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2004-07-11 07:58:42 (UTC)


well long time no see. whats been going on since i last
was on? well its been the holidays...
mum and dad have gone over seas and come back.
i havent been to any parties.... just get to gethers. i
drank loads last night. i never wanna drink again. i
made the biggest fool outa myself. i cant remember
i've been watching stacks of manga. mostly cowboy
i didnt ask the red head out. im a real coward with that
sorta stuff. i'll have to wait for the next partie she's at.
im listening to radio head right now..... i love that band.
i've been doing loads of training lately and just got my
next belt!!!!!! my 2nd belt.
i got lots of material the other day. im making a new
training suit that can act as camoflage for the wild and
urban areas.
found out the other day that i've got about five hundred
bucks i didnt know about! i love money! thats mainly coz
i dont get that much realy ever. well thats that....................

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