2004-07-11 01:50:13 (UTC)

Quilting, Shopping, the Farmer's Market and More

I usually read just one book at a time but this week I
alternated among three and last night finished the third.
I'm out of books again so I'm glad we went to the library
this morning to get more.

I've realized I have the tendency to almost, but not quite,
finish a quilt top and then put it away. In the last few
days I finished sewing the blocks together for One Day in
the Country --the rest of the name of the quilt is--Is Worth
a Month in Town -- and it's done. All except for the final
wide borders. I'll need to go through my fabrics and find
the right one first. When I was cleaning out my sewing room
closet I found another partly finished quilt top, a wall
hanging called September's Song, which has four large
primitive sunflowers. This would look lovely above my sofa.

It just needs borders--what is it with me and borders
anyway? I pulled out fabrics for the borders and the
appliquéd vines and leaves last night so this next week I
want to completely finish these two tops and put them on the
stack of tops that need to be quilted.

Yes, there are more tops that are unfinished but no, I'm not
going to get out another one or I'll be back to having tops
left almost finished, but not quite.
I found a lovely sweater pattern that I want to knit for
myself but I'm loathe to begin another project, especially a
knitting project and especially a large and complex one knit
with wool. Ugh! It's not nearly as warm as it usually is
for this time of year so I expect that later this month and
in August and perhaps even in September we'll get hit with
temperatures in the 90's. Maybe I'll just plan on what I
want to get and perhaps even buy it but put the project
aside for a couple of months. Well, we'll see.
Today John and I went to Albany and Corvallis. I found a
perfect little leather bound blank book which I bought for a
dollar. We went to the library to pick up our books, did the
recycling, saw Gavin briefly, and walked hand-in-hand
through the farmer's market in Corvallis. We bought some
green beans and a container of blueberries and John bought
me a small bouquet of pink and blue flowers which I'd admired.

We went to the bread store and were fortunate to find loaves
of apple strudel bread on the 99 cent shelf. This bread
sells for more than four dollars a loaf at Costco and even
more at the regular grocery store. We bought five loaves.
We also bought raisin/nut bread and English muffins as well
as our regular breads for the week. We were home well
before 1 p.m., ate lunch and read and took naps. I was
awake in plenty of time to fix dinner, do laundry and water
my garden and flowers and then I went back to working on my
September's Song quilt top.