Best Left Unspoken
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2004-07-10 23:20:31 (UTC)

Chapter Six Dawning of a New Day

The weeks past since the night Sky stayed at my house
and the days were edging closer to the night of the
Homcoming football game. There were nights that I snuck to
Sky's house. He made the depression filled summer just
evaporate from my mind.
Today was the day. It was the night before the game and
it was our last meeting before the deed. Lara drove me to
Sky's house again and I was very nervous. For more than
one reason. I had to tell Sky something after the meeting.
Something that could change it all.
"So how are you and Sky doing?" Lara asked while
"How did you know about me and Sky?" I asked curiously.
"The way you guys look at each other and talk to each
other. It's almost as if you both know a secret that you
want to tell the other," Lara paused, "Or show." She
I stayed silent watching the houses pass by. I never
noticed before how entrancing it was to look at a house at
night while only a few lights were on. It's almost as if
two kinds of people lived in each house. Good people lived
in the rooms that had the light spilling out onto the
grass. Evil people lived in the darkened rooms that were
almost invisible to the pass person.
"Is my little cousin good in bed?" Lara asked smiling
widely, still driving.
I looked at her as she slowed the car down coming
towards a stop sign.
"You can tell me," Lara stopped and looked down the
road both ways before advancing forward again.
"Well, yes he is," I answered her, feeling quite good
about telling someone.
Lara laughed then pulled into his driveway. "Are you
going to stay after with him again tonight?"
"Yes," I answered almost too quickly.
Lara hopped out of the car and walked up to the door, I
followed close behind. She did the special knock and Sky
answered the door letting us both in.
This was my chance. I pulled Sky aside to talk to him.
He smiled and kissed my cheek.
"I have to tell you something," I said as I looked into
his dark eyes. They were beautiful eyes, I remember
thinkinh that the day I met him.
"Can it wait until after the meeting?" Sky asked.
I just nodded and walked into the kitchen. Everyone was
"Is everyone ready to go over the details again?" Sky
asked. There were agreeing nods that spread throughout the
room. "Tonight we need to paint Lara's car," Sky went
through all of the details.
Hunter was going to get Megan away from her friends.
Jade was going to help him get her into the trunk. Hunter
and Jade would stay at the game and later be responsible
to tell everyone the details of the game.
Then Lara will drive the rest of us to the unknown
place and that's the 'fun' (as Sky called it) begins. I
wasn't sure if I would be able to hit her though.
After the meeting we painted Lara's car black as to
keep people from recognizing it. Davey was going to drive
the car to the game and Lara was going to ride with Sky.
It seemed like a perfect plan.
When everyone left Sky carried me to his room and
undressed me. I almost let him keep going, but I had to
tell what I tried to tell him eariler. He kissed me and
undressed himself.
"Sky, I have to tell you something," I said looking up
toward his face.
"What is it?" He asked climbing on the bed beside me.
Looking into his eyes that moment I had to bring myself
to telling him. I had to or else I would ruin everything.
I had to tell him that I was pregnant.

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