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2004-07-10 15:39:37 (UTC)

this is going to be a quickie

ok... so nothing new, just been working 7 days a week at
blue chip and babysitting a minimum of 3 days a week. owing
your parents $3500 is not a fun thing. my mom took $1000
out of my bank account on tuesday. im really pissed she is
being an uber bitch about this situation because my parents
know DAMN well all the money in my bank account was going
towards college. sorry im concerened with my future? jesus
christ, its like they don't understand me at all, or they
dont want to take the time to. more on this topic later.

brett took me out to dinner and a movie two nights ago. we
went to apple bee's and i was glowing. literally. i had a
neon green shirt on that said "kentucky" in black, a black
skirt, and my neon green roo's. awesome :) UMM... but at
apple bee's we started to talk about "us". i told him that
i wanted to tell him how much i loved him like a year ago,
and i never did. than he proceeded to tell me that he was
going to the night he gave me my xmas present this year. he
was going to drive me to this spot where it over looks
cincinnati (it is beautiful, he took me there later) but i
didn't want to bc we were getting over a fight. but he was
going to tell me then how he felt. but yea, so when i heard
this, i was over come with emotions, feelings of regret,
feelings of loss (bc of the time i missed with him) etc. i
was so upset with myself bc the 4 months brett and i were
not on speaking terms i did SO many things i regret. and
the sad thing is i dont think he really understood bc i
never told him half the stuff i did. but i started to cry
bc i was angry with myself and some what him bc i could
have skipped all that stuff that could have, and some what
did, literally ruined my life. but i dont blame him, i
blame myself, so i wasn't really angry with him. but then i
stopped myself from thinking about that bc it was our
special night out. we went to see spider man 2. that was a
cute movie. i liked it :) i especially liked the fact i was
with him the whole night.

anyway, its 11:40 and i was supposed to leave for work 5
min ago. i work 12-4, than babysit 5-11. and then ill be at
his house till my curfew. ill update again later tonight if
im not too tired.