The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-07-10 11:25:57 (UTC)


Heylo all! hows it goin? Am writing from
the..erm..sunny..lovely..erm..London! woO! ok..ok..i
lied..its rainin atm bt shh im gonna pretend its nice! LoL!
Just online while ppl are gettin ready n showered etc n msn
aint workin on this comp so i thought i wud cum n write in
this! woO! Aint wrote in it in ages tho...erm...well wat
can i say..

Went to the cinema with Cammie..went 2 his hoose with Gav n
J n Kenny..was a good laff...erm...seein Lisa : )
*Earpluggs..Blindfold..Whip..PVC* Lmfao! nice one lil
spyo! ..Emma stayed at mine b4 i went away..etc etc etc!!

So aye there is a lot bt its 2 long more bt i cant b arsed
explainin it on here coz it wud confuse me just a tad 2
much! LoL! erm so aye..jus bout 2 head into London for sum
shoppin...tho its Camden 2moro..woO! :o)! Then off 2 France
on it shud b good..anyhoo!

- x seon x -