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2004-07-10 01:24:58 (UTC)

Flags at Half Staff

Oregon's Governor Kulongoski, a former Marine, has asked
that flags be flown at half-staff for a day whenever an
Oregon soldier dies in Iraq. Today was the first day this
was to happen. I know I won't have to make calls to those
who haven't done it because they don't know or have
forgotten because an elderly, local man has taken on this
task. He did this when the flags were supposed to be lowered
because of the death of President Reagan too.

So today the flags at the post office, at city hall, at the
fire department, at the telephone company, at the union hall
and at the elementary school were all flying at half staff
in honor of Lance Cpl. J. Houston of Hermiston.
The last lines from Blue Diary, by Alice Hoffman:

My grandmother told me once that when you lose somebody you
think you've lost the whole world as well, but that's not
the way things turn out in the end. Eventually, you pick
yourself up and look out the window,and once you do you see
everything that was there before the world ended is out
there still. There are the same apple trees and the same
songbirds, and over our heads, the very same sky that shines
like heaven, so far above us we can never hope to reach such

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