Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-07-10 00:21:36 (UTC)

Is It The Start Of Forever?

I stole the line from Ash to display my mild dilemma. Its
only mild, because I already know what I ought to do, and
really, I only put it here to brag. (Its NOT the start of
forever, but Oh Yeah was on, and that was the best
modification I could get at short notice)

Basically, to those who know what I'm on about, I make the
necessary adjustments, and then tomorrow, or Sunday, or
Monday, victory will be mine.

So what else? Lovin' Ash at the minute. And not being
hungover, that's been working well of late. Nice.

Next update? Hopefully I'll be clean shaven and feelin'
better about myself. But not in a Marvin Gaye style,
apparently. I don't like that.