Me and More
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2004-07-09 07:19:28 (UTC)

Lost among my emotions....

Well, it's been a long time since I have written in here.
Some new shit has happened. Some good and some bad. I've
been diagnosed with Bipolar psychosis. I'm going through a
really hard time right now. I'm going on a new meds
treatment to try and treat this. What I have is basically,
dangerous mood swings, and I hear voices and have
delusions. You can look it up on web Md. I've cut my arms
up horrible and tried to kill a few people around me
before. Luckily I didn't. The good news is that Brandon and
I are on the verge of dating. Everything I said about his
ex came true and now he sees he has feelings for me, he's
just not ready yet. I told him how I feel about him and
that I would wait as long as he needed me to for him to be
ready. I hope it'll happen soon. There's a few people that
if I run into are going to get their asses kicked. They
know who they are. My sister has let me down horribly, and
personally, I don't want anything to do with her for a long
while. We are in really bad financial times right now, we
have no money for food, to pay bills, etc. I'm going back
to school, but I'm not sure I can even finish that due to
money problems. I'm not sure about a lot of things, but
I'll talk about that a different time. That's all I have to
say now. Talk more later.