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2004-07-09 03:57:22 (UTC)

Another Damn Day

Mood: Happy enough
Music: Pink Grease - Party Live
Zwan - Honestly

I couldn't get up today, I hit the snooze for like an hour
before finally getting my fat ass out of bed. lol. I had a
dentist appointment. I'm getting braces, fun, fun. I'm
actually really excited. It's those invisible ones.
Invisalign. I hope I get approved. The Dentist said they
rarely don't approve it, so that's cool.

I missed a concert tonight that I kind of wanted to go to.
Actually the only reason I wanted to go was because I
figured this really cute boy that I've had a crush on for
like ever would be there. But I didn't go. I just wasn't
in the mood. Oh well there will be other ones. And today I
woke up not caring about boys, (or anything for that
matter) so it's not a big deal. I'm so messed up. Like my
opinions change everyday. It's crazy.

I was wondering today if getting braces is kind of selling
out. I don't know, what do you think? It kind of is, but
whatever right? It's my body. No one genuinely cares.
My weight was f***ed today. I gained a pound and a half
since yesterday. I'm hoping it was just water weight.
That's probably what it was. Not a huge deal. I'll be back
at 126 again tomorrow. Maybe lower because I didn't really
eat too much today. Just a chicken caesar wrap from Arby's
and a couple popsicles and like 2 cups of popcorn. The
popcorn and popsicles were together a total or only like
260 calories, so I think I did pretty well today.

I've been thinking about this one boy that I don't think I
can actually have for like the last week. It's horrible.
lol. I hate having crushes on guys I could never have. And
it's not like I could never have him, but he's my brothers
friend and isn't there a rule against that or something. I
don't know. Oh well.

Ok, well I'm out, so have a good one!!!

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