My Aphrodisiac
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2004-07-08 07:18:29 (UTC)

This ish is crazy yo...

So, there's this dude I've been talkin' to. For a good 6-7
months. But peep... I met him online! Yea, BlackPlanet for
that ass. He's in Tennessee. Where I'm soon to be. But
he's all mine. Gotta be. I mean, the convos and stuff are
enuff for now. I'm patient, huh? Nah, not really. You
know I'm still me at the end of the day...a mothafuccin'
PIMP! Yea right. Nah, but that's my boo. Can't wait to
meet him face to face. As opposed to pictures and a web
cam. You feel me? But I think that I do need to get wifed
up as soon as I touch down. Cuz a sista like me will get
down there and wild the hell out! LOL! No, but really... I
know my ass. I haven't been in a relationship in damn
near two years. I think it's about that time. It's been
by choice though...or rather my fate for meeting bitch ass
niggaz! But that's another story in it's own. Ok. So, I'm
a poet, right? But haven't been able to write shyt since
my last entry in this mofo. I can't even right about
bein' uninspired. I mean, is there somethin' wrong w/ me?
Fa' real doh... this shyt ain't cool. So, is being
pregnant a freakin' epidemic? No, but seriously. My old
roommate...Yvonnne, IM's me today to tell me her ass is
pregnant by her literally crack head boyfriend!! She was a
virgin til' she met his ass! Yea, that shyt had me
trippin' the hell out. Anyways, I do gotta get up early
tomorrow. I'll holla...

*The Diva 4 ya'*

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