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2004-07-07 19:27:41 (UTC)

7.7.04 Lost my Confidence?!

I cannot believe what just occured! It's not a super big
deal, but it may be a sign of things to come...and that's
what's got BigAL worried. I was outside mowing the lawn
with no shirt on (gotta sport the hot bod), and two girls,
not lacking in the department of attractiveness, walk past,
laughing and giggling and just being hot girls in the
summer. I'm mowing the lawn in no shirt. Theyre coming. I'm
shirtlessly mowing the lawn. One girl looks over and spots
me, who at the time was getting the lawn mowed but not
wearing a shirt. Nothing happens.
NOTHING HAPPENS?! I'M BIG AL! I mean this girl looks
and sees a sweaty young black male with no shirt on, and
nothing occurs? What is going on? I expected her to tap her
friend on the shoulder and say somethin along the lines
of "Hey, check it out" or at LEAST giggle! I get nothing,
though. Not a word.
And as outlandish as that may seem, I can understand
if they didnt want to look thirsty, or whatever the reason
was for not noticing me. It was my reaction, or lack of a
reaction, that makes me think I'm losing my confidence.
Those who know what it's like on my block know that hot
girls never walk by. It's like spotting a glorious white
unicorn in Lake Michigan (extra random). But the point is
WHY DID I NOT SAY ANYTHING? the very fact that they didnt
look was the perfect transition in and of itself, ,and I
could have used my remarkable wit to make it an
acquiantance worth noting. I don't know what stopped me,
really. It's unlike me to let something like that slide. It
looked like they had just got done playing volleyball too.
VOLLEYBALL! I like voleyball girls. And they were on MY
block. I'm not one with binding inhibitions! Why did I not
say anything?
In other news, I am scheduling summer visits to
Illinois Wesleyan, U of I, and, my favorite of the three
sofar, Knox. Knox likes me and everytime I call there, the
receptionists sound so nice. Knox has really got me
excited, reader. I hope I can say the same for my visit
there. Any advice? Leave me a note in the feedback column.
Till then, take it easy, and God bless.