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2004-07-06 19:33:54 (UTC)

7.6.04 The Jesus Lake

Today, I experienced one of the best 15 to 20 minute
intervals of my life. It was truly something special.
First, Sherod and I do the usual Bible studay at Starbucks.
A lady stops us and tells us how wonderful it is that we
are reading the Genuine word of God. It made me proud, but
it is my duty to not become grandiloquent about it. I want
to remain zealous as possible, but never think that I am
better than anyone. I will view it as a compliment that I
am going in the right direction, but not view it as "yeah
im doing something better than anyone else.
And then came the walk in Izaak Walton woods. Sherod
and I were discussing ways to tell our non-Christian
friends that we are about Jesus when a green bug that I
didnt see bites me on the forehead. Tha Rod saw the entire
thing and wouldnt tell me that there was a green bug on my
forehead! So if you know him, you are reading your
disclaimer. He is not to be trusted! What kind of friend is
And another disclaimer here. Forgive me if my language
becomes flowery and dramatic, but this is something you
have got to experience, one of those moments that you will
never forget....
We stumbled upon a spot over the lake where we there
was, among us both, a tranquil apperception. I say now that
it was something higher and not of this earth. We walked
together there in unison. I knew both of us felt it; no one
led, no one treaded behind. I then forgot Sherod was next
to me and became abstracted by the waves of the water. The
waves were freely moving in the direction that the wind
blew, and I could see the reflection of the sun's rays
across the water. There was not a dark spot over the entire that point, my mind completely lost focus and I
had somewhat of an outer body experience. A worship song,
Here I am to Worship, came on to the water. Before I had
reached this timeless bliss, I asked Sherod what he thought
Jesus looked like. I recieved my answer when the sun hid
behind a cloud and the wind ceased...the waves of the lake
paused, and I am sure that if I looked at my watch, it
would have said 1:01 for fifteen minutes. I saw the Holy
Spirit on the lake...No, I didn't just see or feel's something greater than the senses, and even
greater than words...I will never truly be able to describe
it. It was a moment beyond blusterous beguilement, and to
this moment I can tell you that my spirit was not on the
lake at that moment, but walking with my Savior. There is
this still serenity about our Savior that, when
experienced, makes you wonder how some claim there is no
God. It is stronger than any emotion. You haven't lived
until you have had a moment with the spirit of God like
that. That stillness is, needless to say, the greatest
feeling known to man. I saw and felt love right there on
the lake, and I could sing of it forever. At that point,
high on faith, I had the desire to walk across the lake
like Peter. I know it may sound silly, but I know it could
have been acheived with sufficient faith. I admit with
lugubrious shame that I did not make such an effort, and I
must pray to have more faith in Jesus.
It was then that a pair of ducks swam in our
direction, a (for some reason)welcome interruption to the
serenly intimate moment. Tha Rod and I were so still that
we went undetected on the ducks' radar, and they moved in
closer in search for worms. At one point, one of the ducks
was within a foot of Tha Rod and I. The essence of this
moment was one of unparalelled beauty; the ducks found no
worms, but continued their search as they stepped away.
Looking back on it, it was spectacular that this typically
fearful al instilled so much trust in us humans.
I pointed out that no matter how fast the ducks would
swim through the water, their backs would always remain
completely dry. This was like Sherod and I, the water
representing the world...Though we may be in it, we are not
of it, and we are capable of keping Jesus through even
the "splashiest" times. A stretch? I think not!
Sherod then cleverly points out that the ducks can
represent us too, and the worms our search for Jesus.
Though they were unsuccessful at finding them on the shore,
they continued to search...both metaphors make equal sense,
and the entire experience was stunning.
That was my day on the lake. I hope you have a
similar experience very soon.