Too Much to Say
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2004-07-06 19:15:51 (UTC)

white wave...that's me right?

the name jennifer means something like "white wave." and i
am such a wave. up and down, up and down. my emotions go
from one extreme to the other.

in so many ways i feel like i should tell jason that i want
to start over with our relationship. i want to cut all the
physical stuff out. it's just so much so soon. i mean,
the first night we even talked to each other we got drunk
and messed around all night. when i leave his place in the
morning i feel more like running away from him than coming
over again. it's weird.

we make out more than we hang out. that's backwards. it's
not cheap or anything. we're both very sincere and
passionate, it's just A LOT to handle.

i need the balls to say something. i really do want to
talk to him, i'm just nervous about it.

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