Talking about Whatever
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2004-07-06 05:47:48 (UTC)

I'm kind of happy

In the last three days I went from weighing 128 to 126.
That makes me feel pretty good. My goal is 120. I'm in a
pretty good mood today, yesterday I was horrible. Like in
the worst mood. I was so depressed. I just felt like
sleeping and never waking up. I'm not one of those girls
that constantly complains about not having a boyfriend. I
haven't had one for 2 years. I haven't even really dated.
Just a couple dates and it really hasn't bothered me.
Until last night...I was was watching all the people with
their boyfriends or girlfriends, it just made me jealous.
And I hate that feeling. I haven't even really wanted a
boyfriend at all, but I guess it's starting to catch up
with me now. It sucks. But oh well, what can you do? I'm
gonna quit writing, this is putting me in a bad mood
again. lol