2004-07-06 03:24:22 (UTC)


havent wrote in a while..im not single at the moment,ive
been seeing a guy named hamet.(hard 2 pronounce) hes
tall,hes cute..im not too sure on the julian deal,i guess
were dun cuz he hasnt emailed me back,goin through the same
thing lessa! ugh..im havin fun here! yesterday was the 4th!
oooooh so much fun,i went to my friends house & hung out
lol saw my bf & went & watched the fireworks at the
beach..it was awsome! that night i slept at jodiez cuz it
was soo loud @ my house aaaah!its all good...2day i went to
safeway & got my pics developed & haha lessa nice pic of u
(the 2 fingerz) wahoo represent hehe!ill show em when i go
bak kk! but hi 2 everyone i miss u!