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2004-07-06 02:11:24 (UTC)

Bad Dream~~~~~

dream, y ppl hv dream. this morning i hv a bad dream about
him, he finially can stay here w/ us, but he only remember
his lover, not other else, not even me. when i go next to
him, i semms to him that i m a scray stranger.

by heart, i did more than her and i gave more than her. y u
treat me like that........

remember wht u promised me, i don think so. u only know how
to say it, but u dunno how to do it.

don forget wht i told u and wht u told me, u won't c me
again anymore b/c u don care at all. i can't push u to do
everything, u hv to find out and notice by urself
sometimes. wht i did was not suppose to do by a best fd or
a girl.

do u reali understand wht i m talkin about??? i hv
mentioned it many times on the letter or the phone.....

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