Too Much to Say
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2004-07-05 17:53:22 (UTC)


yesterday was such a great day. probably the best fourth
of july i've had in a long while. i've never watched
fireworks with someone's arms around me. it made them so
much better. there was just something about the whole

i'm falling for him. falling fast...all of the sudden.
and what's weird is that i wasn't falling for him in the
midst of all the physical crap. yesterday we spent mostly
the whole day together just hanging out: making cookies,
swimming, shooting fireworks, cooking hotdogs over the
fire, curling up together to watch a movie at the end of
the night. i couldn't stop smiling all day. he met my
family, they loved him. he loved them.

i started falling yesterday.

intuition can be very creepy. the last couple months of
school i just knew i was going to meet someone this
summer. i had no idea who. but i just knew i was going
to. it was really bizarre. and then different scenarios
kept popping up that seemed to be the hand of fate, and i
would think, oh it's gonna be that guy, i can see the story
unfolding! and they all kept falling through--all the ones
i had all figured out. and honestly how much fun would a
romance be if you already knew what was going to happen?
but the one i was skeptical about, the one i didn't see
coming for a million miles is the one that got me.

i don't understand it. i can't fathom why he likes me so
much. he treats me like a queen. i feel like how did i
get so lucky? every girl in the world should be treated
like this! this is how it should be!

i'm just so happy today. (it kind of just makes me want to
spread the love to everyone i see.)

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