Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-07-05 07:05:55 (UTC)

do I have to leave you???

I don't know whether I have to leave this place of
serenity or not...
I am giving up me email address.
For personal reasons, of course.
I have always had a promise that I made to myself and
when I failed that promise, the result was to give up my
email address. Well, that time has come and I must stand
by my word. I should be off in a couple of days. I will
still have access to internet, just not the email stuff.

I understand you need to have an email address to use this
site, I will check with the site manager on this fact as I
am a current diary user. Be back with you soon...

If it counts, place your vote with the site manager and
perhas he will change his mind....and find a way to keep
me around...