La Vida Mia
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2004-07-05 05:04:38 (UTC)

July 4, 2004

i am in san antonio and i am having a blast. this place
is so cool. everyone ive met is really cool too, however
they all hate san antonio. i dont understand. met this
kid from chicago, cool, this raver kid, cool. we all hung
out and when to the bars, had a great time. i never
considered texas to much but if i could find a job here,
id move. so i guess ill start looking. i also read this
awesome article about what it means to be an america and
why europeans dont care for the american people and hate
the us government. it was a really good article. i tried
to find it but i cant right now so when i get ahold of it
ill add the part i thought was really cool. anyway, thats
about concludes this journal entry. one year ago today i
was in prague, czech republic.