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2004-07-05 00:21:24 (UTC)

4th of July

Yay America *cough*i'm so ashamed to be
American*cough* Yeah so today is 4th of July, woop-de-
fuckin-doo. At least I get to be stoned all day and watch
pretty fireworks in the sky at night. Ry and I are gonna
find a secluded area of the beach and smoke J's and watch
the combustion from a nice distance.
We worked out today before we got stoned though,
that's how dedicated we are to losing weight, LOL :oP My
goal is to have lost 80 pounds total (from my heaviest
weight, which I will not disclose ;o) ) by my birthday,
which is October 17th. So far I've lost 52 pounds. So I
have about 3 and a half months to lose 28 pounds. I can do
it. Anyone who's reading this needs to think positive
thoughts for me, k? ;o)
No work tomorrow!!! Yay! I love 3 day weekends. And
no work at all in less than 2 months, WOO-HOO! I can't
wait to be working at home for Ryan. Pam is going to quit
after Thanksgiving, and she only confided in me. She's
being extra nice to me too. And she's starting to say more
negative things about Howard and the way the business is
run and such. I guess since we're both leaving soon after
being there for a long time she feels closer to me now.
She's certainly being less bitchy than usual. She would do
nice things for me before too, and sometimes I'd really
like her- but she often snapped at me too. No there's just
hardly any snapping!
Hardly ever think about Nate anymore, just had to
say that.
Guess that's all for now. Ryan's rocking on the
guitar next to me. He's so cute :oD

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