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2004-07-04 21:44:03 (UTC)

bathtime! :p

Heylo all..hows it goin? Am alritey..kinda shattered but
ach wells..! i think am gonna go for a bath soon hence my
name..! :p! so there..! Aye well i dunno if i hav much 2
spk about bt i always think that then end up rambling
hunners of pish! hehe..its all good tho!!

Well yday durin the day i went n got ma nails done etc then
went into town! Twas alritey..we got the underground which
i aint been on in Glasgow for feckin ages..ill b gettin
used 2 it startin on Fri tho coz am away n that is the
method of transport about London! its well good tho! :o)! I
got pretty jeans n a yellow floaty top for ma holidays n
for Lisas bday party at nite..which was totally kik ass..!

Went over 2 Lisas n had a bbq n sat n got drunk n jus
chilled about n had a good laff..! twas well good..! Thankq
again 2 Leesha for inviting us over..! :o)! N Lisas hair
looks lovelyy..! tis very pretty..! Hope everybody enjoyed
themselves coz it was top! LoL! Lisa had a sore head tho at
nite time n looked a bit sad for a while..! :-(! *huggles*
hope u feel ok doll..x!

Today i went 2 ma dads n slept for a bit n watched sum of
the football n came up the road at half time coz i was
shattered n wanted ma bed..but im still no in bed yet..:oP
och wells..! Atm im txtn Cammie n i kinda think am scarin
him with my scary txts! Lmao! hehehe..! bt really hes jus
fucked again n munchied..! :oP! Dunno what im gettin up2
2moro..Seein Leesha at sum point coz its officially her
bday 2moro..! woO! anyhoo i think its time for me 2 head
for a bath!

- x adios x -

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