Hokwan dish~
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2004-07-04 15:06:17 (UTC)

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday, i wake up at ten and then help my mum to do a
little bit housework, then went to the chinese restaurant
to have my lunch with my ediot sister, my mum and my aunt.
Then i ask my mum to go to Hang Hau and wait for me until I
have finish the English lesson. At last, she went there!

When i went to my English teacher's, i rang the bell then
she get down. Unluckily, her neibourhood came back and she
asked her daughter to go away imediately and angrily. My
English teacher didn't say anything with me, she just ask
me how I am and i just answered her "fine, thanks" that's
all! I can feel that they have some problem but i don't
know wat happeded. At last, my English teacher told me what

Cheer up, just forget them! They are bad guy! Right? I
must support you forever!!!

After my English lesson, i went to meet my mum again.
Just sopping for a short time and then we went to have
dinner. Actually i don't want to eat the food very much and
my mum said that i have just eat very little things. But
never mind, right?

After dinner, we went to take a walk. I didn't buy
anything! Stupid me!

I enjoy this day very much!!! Mum, aunt, right?