fallen to earth
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2004-07-04 04:13:21 (UTC)

does love last

how long does love last does it last until we give up or
can it survive. does it stop and then can it be refored
if you love someone is it possible to love anouther or is
ther only one person for each of us? i ask if you love
someone with all your heart then someone else walks into
your life that you really really like is it possible to
love them too if someone loves someone with all there
heart and soul and the other one in the realtionship does
also but can question there love from time to time is
there some way that it just was not ment to be at that
time like what if something happened in the plan of life
like a glit can that glits be fixed with time lets say 5
years down that road if you were really ment to be won't
you find them agian is it possable that love can flare
up agian and be as strong if not stronger i believe yes
love is a feeling that can never die out but can it so to
say take a break for a while then come back just as it
was before????????????????????????????????????????????

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