Talking about Whatever
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2004-07-04 03:19:57 (UTC)

The bands first gig

Hey! What's going on? I'm sitting here on a Saturday night
listening to an Antibalas show. I love that band. I love
political bands in general. I need to get their new cd.
So, anyway, my brothers band played last night at a party
and I went to check them out. They were kind of
unorganized, but they did really well. It was a good time
though. They'll get better with experience. They're
already good, they just need to perform in front of people
more. Then they'll be great. Their music is kind of funky,
so you can kind of dance. Well that's what my cousin,
who's 4, and I did. It was a good time. She's so cute. And
there were a couple, ok, maybe one pretty cute guy there,
but he was with a girl, didn't stop me from flirting when
she wasn't around though. It wasn't just my fault though,
he started it.
Then today has been the most boring day ever. I just sat
around all day long. I read outside for a while, but then
it started raining. I think there is something wrong with
me. Like I love to eat, right? Always have, but I haven't
been hungry for like 2 days. I really haven't eaten
anything but popsicles in 2 days. I'm just not hungry. So,
I'm gonna go, but I'll write back again later.