alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-07-04 00:58:26 (UTC)

last day till freedom i hope

well today i spent most of the today cleaning my
still looks like i never touched it but i got all night to
finish...i hope my dad is in a good mood tomorrow so i can
go out. i really wanna be in ingalls parkagaqin i dont talk
to many of the people but i miss the ones i do talk to who
knows maybe i will c rico on his skateboard in the middle
of the street, so i can get out snd kick his ass.. lol or
maybe chad will be there and i will get into a fight with
him and the bastard would hit me and then i could have
everyone go psycho on his ass! lol get him him the knees
nicole!!! lol anyways i am scared o go to nicoles tomorrow
i dont really want to go but i guess its the only way i am
gunna be able to see nicole. i havent seen her in like
1234...i dunno alot of days. i bought her alot of stuff to
its so funny cuz everywhere i went i was lie omg i have to
get that 4 her. its like she is my girlfriend or something
and i am trying to impress her lol. well i am off i have to
do something constructive lol.... yea..byee