Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-07-03 20:31:05 (UTC)

the last

Last cigarette: 4 months ago
Last kiss: 3 months ago
Last good cry: years & years ago
Last movie seen: Spiderman & Fahrenheit 9/11
Last book read: Venom’s Taste, or This Side of Paradise,
can’t remember
Last beverage drank: Pepsi
Last food consumed: Pita w/chicken, swiss cheese, onions,
lettuce, hot peppers
Last crush: Keira Knightly, who oddly enough, looks kinda
like Tess, lol
Last phone call: Kit, the witty one
Last tv show watched: Man on the Train - French Flick
Last time showered: 1/2 hour
Last shoes worn: black steel toed shoes
Last item bought: bus pass
Last downloaded: Chronicles of Riddick
Last annoyance: downloading Spiderman 2
Last disappointment: something, westward
Last sleep: Last night
Last im: mandy
Last sexual fantasy: Foursome, actually
Last ice cream eaten: Strawberry cheesecake
Last time in love: never a Last time
Last time hugged: months, and months
Last chair sat in: theatre chair
Last lipstick used: something black, 3 years ago
Last underwear worn: my black silk boxers
Last bra worn: red frilly thing 6 or 7 years ago
Last shirt worn: suicidegirls tank top
One Minute Ago: Taking this quiz
One Hour Ago: sleeping
One Day Ago: wandering around the market
One Week Ago: sleeping probably
One Year Ago: sleeping with jenn