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2004-07-03 14:28:59 (UTC)

Don't Play Games In Love

I haven’t been to the BBS in gznet.com, a popular website
for the youth in canton for ages. However, I felt
instead of expectant. Even though there were some fabulous
articles with lots of humor. The rest was more about some
topics like, ”how to chase a girl/boy?”, or ”she/he
doesn’t love me, what can I do?” blah blah.. Oh man, does
love really work in that way?

Most Chinese girls (perhaps not only Chinese girls but
also girls from any other countries) like even enjoy
playing game with boys. But it is not kinda toy-game.
Actually the girls would like the boys to chase them for a
long long time, go through one after another tests, and
pain. Send lots of gifts, write tons of love letters. Say
million times “I love you” blah blah. So that they would
finally say “yes”.

I once succumbed to the culture and the situation to chase
a northern girl. She was pretty and smart. But same as the
most, she was very traditional. I did have some worries
though, anyway things need to be tried. It brought me
pretty much fun at the beginning, and I was sure of that
she liked me. However, It became less and less enjoyable,
mainly I felt I couldn’t feel the feedback from her. She
didn’t say whether she liked me or not but just kept me
going! Hey man what would I feel? The only info I got was
that you were playing trick to me. And I hate games or
tricks! If you like me, tell me, then we can hang out or
stay together longer, if you don’t, let me know, too! Just
don’t keep that shite in your mind without speaking it
out!. That doesn’t make any sense, or will just make the
boy think you are not fond of him. So I gave up, cuz I
thought she even didn’t know how to tell people about her
love. Bisedes, I didn’t wanna waste time on pointless

Love, it is one’s own business. But it doesn’t mean love
just needs one side to work on it. In fact, both should do
things as long as you love each other. The joy of love
should be shared with both sides. It is not right to just
ask other to give and you just receive without giving out.
you can’t just sit there and wait for him to do things for
you. He has no incumbency to do things for you. What he
does is his love, his true love for you. If you love him,
why don’t you show your love to him no matter in which
way. If you don’t, why do you just keep receiving? You
think that is the joy of love? You think that is his
felicity that he can be at your service so that he should
be appreciate about it? You know what, what you feel is
not love. It is just like a free offer or something like a
free dinner, a free tour, a free TV set. etc. They are
mainly the same. The joy of love works in this way, like,
you both are satisfy about what your lover does, happiness
comes towards you when you see that the way you make
things can naturally make your lover feel happy. And
he/she tells you that he/she will do anything he/she CAN
for you, so will you. Then you can feel the joy of love.
The truth is, joy of love is from both giving and
receiving, the joy of love will just exist between two
lovers. To be truly honest to yourself and your man, tell
him your real feeling towards him, tell him to stop or
tell him you love him, Otherwise your feeling is just a
piece of shite. Remember, love is not benefaction.

Love, is not something that you can hunt or search. Don’t
always think that you can hunt love by chasing some one.
You can never catch love, you can never hunt love, what
you can do is just wait for it, when it comes to you, you
will know it easily! It is magical that when the one you
love first appear in front of you, you will have a special
feeling around your heart. You think she is so cute and
sweet, will be so desired to talk to her. Like when I met
harmony, My heart but not my brain told me, talk to that
girl, you will be crazy for her. Then I did. And now we
are sharing the joy of love. Maybe you can get girls by
chasing them hardly, but do you think that is real love
and that’s the way love works? I don’t think so. Those are
ways for killing time. Fate will bring your love to you,
when it comes, your heart will tell you, but not your
brain. So please don’t go to meet new people with the
intention of hunting a love. It doesn’t work. The
more you want, the less you will get. Remember.

Love, it does need space. Every one needs own space. It
would hurt the relationship if people even people who are
a in relationship get too tight up without enough space
for each other. Relationship is similar to a long distance
race, you will find yourself can hardly breathe if you
don’t have a break. Own space is just what I call “a
break”. We all want to sneak some time to be away from the
world and enjoy our own life without any botheration. So
that we can sort out problems and thoughts individually
and peacefully. We will get cranky and then the
relationship will be getting more and more bothersome and
unenjoyable if we can’t have own space, it does have bad
effect. Relationship is one of the most beautiful things
in the world, it brings us happiness and joyancy but not
pain and disharmony. So, truly, if you love her/him,
please give your lover space. And believe, it will just
make your relationship stronger and more wonderful and

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