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2004-07-03 07:40:28 (UTC)

June 27-- i dreamed of our cat

Its really a fun to stay home. During the daytime, I write
my journals, study French, play computer games, anyway, as
long as I stay in the house and don’t need go out in this
kind of hot weather, anything would be nice and fabulous.

I called DengHui in order to know how our cat JinJin is.
When I heard JinJin miaowing through the phone, I felt
something is pressing my heart, then I asked: hey DengHui,
would you please hold JinJin and let me say something
sweet to her, she might hear my voice and know that was
me. Miao.. Miao.. Miao.. with the miaow around my ears,
all the images and memories jumped into my mind. And it
strongly drove me to write something about her.

Actually I don’t like her very much, as she is completely
a punk ass bitch and most of time she is more than just
naughty. What she did seemed a provocation to me. Although
cats always want human’s attention. People say I’m lucky,
aye, I am. You know I don’t have to think about how to
deal with my old socks, cuz when I left my socks in my
shoes, she would probably steal them quietly. Then the
next morning when I found them in some covert places, like
the bottom of the sofa, the corner beside the desk, the
toilet, etc. Heh heh, that was not the end of the affair,
just check the socks.. Most probably you would see one or
two holes on the socks… right on the toe!! And why I say
it was a provocation is cuz those holes were in the same
part of the socks! What was eviler, after she had done
this evil job, she always held them in mouth and showed
off for a sec down right in front of me and then ran away
with the socks!! Bastard!

Many things she had done could be called as evil, like,
stealing mine or harmony’s little stuffs, biting the wire,
scratching the sofa, hiding toys, kicking my cell off from
the table, breaking glass, biting me when I hold her in
arms.. wow man, what a little bastard!

But it weird, even if she is so evil and naughty, I still
have a very special love for her. I do enjoy having her
sleeping in my arms in the morning even though she
wouldn’t be quiet. I enjoying playing with her with little
toys. I enjoy having her napping next to me when I am
playing computer games. I enjoy taking her out for a walk
in the morning(although it just happened twice after
harmony left). I enjoy having her around me. She is not
all that bad.

In the evening of June 18th, she appeared so sad. When I
was packing stuff in the bedroom, she just lied on the bed
and stared at me weirdly quiet. She looked like as if she
had already known I was gonna leave soon. She was like,
just stayed there, was not sleeping as usual. Every time
when I looked at her, I just felt deeper and deeper
depressed and didn’t wanna leave. Tear went down when she
jumped into my arms.. Aye, mom had left, and the other one
who she knows most was gonna leave soon, the future was so
uncertain, even didn’t know whom was gonna stay with. It
was like, she couldn’t control her life and stay with
whoever she loves to. I really could understand cuz I was
there once. And was so perplexed. Felt that I was gonna
loose something or some one important in my life. It was
really suffering when you find you are not able to keep
things or human you deeply love. Like, it takes life away
from you.

I know that although part of my love for JinJin is my love
for Harmony, the rest is really for who she is as a cute
cat and knows human’s emotion.

I dreamed of her last night, she was in my arms, aye, I
love JinJin

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