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2004-07-02 23:01:33 (UTC)

In the dorm

Im on the 2nd year of my bible school and now, the first
trimester of my second year had begun. I decided to stay
at the dorm for the purposes that I can not really
explain. They seem to be illogical in our own thoughts but
I believe that it is very logical and beneficial in my
heart's desire to grow more with the Lord.

Struggles were expected and indeed they are present but
I'm happy that I can depend on God for every need that I
have. For Jesus is a powerful and all-knowing God.

It was really tough for me when I started to stay in the
dorm. I was studying and at the same time working. Oh
well..I've been here in the same situation already and
now, I can say that it's not that new to have a routine of
having school and the job. However, the routine of being
in the presence of the Lord all the time is a one new
experience that I really love at present. My tiresome
feeling all fades the moment I can feel the presence of
Jesus! Hallelujah!

Right now, Im still trying to adjust myself and been
praying up to when should I stay in the dorm. Well..the
Lord knows....He's the one gonna tell me about it.

Im looking forward to our field day in August. Ive been
wanting to play volleyball already :)

Till my next entry. Hope you're all doin good!

God bless you all!

7:01 am
14th floor, SMPC

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