2004-07-02 22:37:31 (UTC)

Basics for Friday, July 2, 2004


** Laundry
** Yardwork and gardening
** Baking
** Pick Jack up at the airport at 2 a.m.

DINNER: Macaroni salad

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: He said he had enough food. I
sent two containers of ice tea and a thermos of coffee

QUILTING: Quilting Liberty Eagle in frame


READING: The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt

WEATHER: A little cloudy in the morning but clear and warm
in the afteroon with highs in the mid 80's

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Getting ready for barbecue on the
Fourth and visiting with Jack

QUOTE: What a blessing it is that even in this age of
efficiency there are still some small, inexacting household
chores that have to be done by hand. In moments of sudden
deep grief, or the overburden of anxiety, or unbearable joy,
such simple things as pressing a pan of cooked apples
though a sieve or sweeping a kitchen floor, or making up a
bed with fresh, clean sheets, can be genuinely steadying.
~ Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living