Best Left Unspoken
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2004-07-02 20:51:56 (UTC)

Chapter Four Dawing of a New Day

After the cheering had died down the plan was
discussed. I listened intently wondering who came up with
this plan and why. Everyone in here had gone to school
with Megan at least one year. Everyone in here has put up
with her bragging and discrimination for at least one
year. Everyone in here has hated Megan Adams since they
had met here.
The plan seemed simple at first but became very
complicated. First one of us were to find Megan at the
game and get her away from her preppy friends. Second they
were to get her to Lara's car trunk, tied up and gagged.
The last few parts were the complicated parts. We had
to get to a secluded place that only Lara, Kara, and Sky
knew exactly where it was at. They weren't going to say it
aloud for everyone else just in case. We were going to
take turns beating her with a wooden base ball bat, just
to make her feel our pain that she has caused us.
After that the details seemed to become more and more
gruesome. We were to drench her clothes in gasoline once
she is knocked out. Then light her on fire and watch her
body burn, like it will in hell. After her body is in
ashes we burry her as deep as we can. The bat with her
undeserving blood on it must also burn. We must destroy
the evidence.
There were also preparations to be done before the day
that we are to do such a deed. The day of the game we need
to spray paint Lara's car black. To get less attention at
night. Then that night we need to paint it back to the
original color, green. That way they can't link the
leaving car to Lara.
One of Sky's other friends will be called and we will
get detailed discriptions of the game to make it seem as
if we were all there. The friend at the game will not know
why Sky had to leave, but that he left before it was over.
After the meeting I told Lara that I could find my own
way to get home. The truth was that my parents thought
that I was spending the night at Kara's so I had all night
to get home. Everyone left except Sky and me, so I figured
that this was Sky's house.
"How are you getting home?" Sky asked me.
I shrugged.
"I can give you a ride," Sky said picking up a key
chain from the table. The key chain had the Coheed and
Cambria symbol on it and one key in the loop.
"Ok," I got up and followed Sky to his crimson red car.
It had races streaks on the sides and black flames on the
"You know that you don't have to do it," Sky said
starting the car. "Just as long as you don't tell anyone,
you don't have to it."
I sat there waiting for the car move, but Sky still had
it in park. "I know," I said quietly.
Sky slowly put the car in drive and lurched out of the
driveway. The speedlimit on the streets was fourty but Sky
was going twenty. "I just thought that I'd let you know,"
Sky stopped at a stop sign and looked both ways.
"Who's idea was it?" I blurted out quickly.
Sky was quiet for a few seconds then he smiled. "It was
your good friend and my cousin Kara's idea. Did you talk
to Kara much over the summer?" I didn't notice but Sky had
pulled into an empty parking lot and put the car in park
"No," I answered.
Sky laughed and unhooked his seatbelt. "Well you
probably already know that Megan is her neighbor and Megan
made her entire summer a living hell."
I just nodded and watched as Sky unhooked my seatbelt
and looked into my eyes.
"She'd make prank calls, yell across the street at her,
ring her door bell then run and hide. Megan even shot her
cat in the head," Sky put his hand on my shoulder.
"Kara loved her cat though. Why did Megan do that?" I
"She did it because she doesn't like people like Kara.
She doesn't like people like us, Evelyn," Sky moved closer
to me.
"Why not?" I asked him stupidly.
"She thinks that we're goth. She thinks that we're
freaks that will one day gladly and willingly go to hell,"
Sky whispered as he moved his face inches from mine.
"But," I paused closing my eyes, "She will when we're
done with her."
Sky didn't respond with words. He ran his fingers
through my hair and kissed me passionately. He pressed his
mouth to mine and kissed me slowly and didn't make any
move to pull back. I kissed him back putting my arms
around the back of his neck.
"Evelyn," Sky said pulling himself back together. "You
need to go home. It's almost midnight."