Best Left Unspoken
2004-07-02 18:40:48 (UTC)

Chapter Three Dawning of a New Day

After school I changed my clothes and makeup. I have
had a crush on Kara's cousin Sky since the day I had met
him. He wasn't like most guys that I know. He had long
black hair, tatoos, and was dying to get a lip ring. He
always wore all black and even wore eye makeup when he
felt like it.
I awaited the arrival of Lara. She was a year and a
half older than Kara and just recieved her license. The
car ride was silent until I finally was brave enough to
ask. "What's this meeting about?" I asked Lara.
Lara smiled, but her eyes where still focused on the
road. "Kara didn't tell you?"
I shook my head then realized that she didn't see
it. "No."
"Well we're almost there. You'll find out in a little
bit. It's a perfect plan." Lara turned right then left
then turned into a driveway.
We both walked to the door. Lara held her hand out to
stop me from knocking and shook her head. She knocked on
the door three times, paused, knocked three more times,
paused again, then lightly kicked the bottom of the door.
I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.
Lara smiled and waited for someone to answer the door.
"State your busy," said Sky's voice from inside the
door. My heart fluttered.
"I have to the meeting to help with the plan. I have
also brought the girl that Kara recruited today at
school," Lara said in an almost dreaming voice.
There was a clicking sound of a lock being unlocked and
the door swung slowly and silently open.
"The meetings in the kitchen," Sky whispered to Lara
and pointed us in the direction. When I walked in he
smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back and followed Lara.
When we arrived in the kitchen I heard the being shut
and locked again then Sky walked in behind us. There were
seven other people in the room other than me. Lara, Kara,
Nevaeh, Sky, Davey, Hunter, and Jade. Sky, Hunter, Davey,
and Jade were all Licking Valley guys about my age.
Everyone in the room resembled Sky's appearance. Black
seemed to be the theme.
"Is everyone here?" Sky asked Kara. Kara nodded and Sky
shut the Kitchen door and also locked it. This must be
something big, I thought to myself.
"I'm sure almost all of you know why we're here," Sky
started. "Kara told me that one of you do not know and are
just finding out."
I looked at the floor, hoping that not everyone knew
that he was talking about me.
"For all of you that are a bit confused about the plan
we decided to hold this meeting. On the night of the
Homecoming football game," Sky paused. My palms started to
sweat with anticipation. "We're going to commit a
wonderful deed to all of the people like us," Sky almost
What deed? What are we doing? I almost asked those
questions aloud, but stopped myself before I did.
"We're going to murder Megan Adams," Sky could barely
be heard.
At first I thought that I heard wrong. I thought that I
was just imagining what he had just said. Then everyone in
room started cheering for Sky. Everyone started yelling
and applauding him like a hero.
"Did I hear that right?" I asked Lara in a
whisper. "Did he say that we were going to murder?" I
whispered even quieter
Lara smiled at me then nodded.
We were going to murder a person I've known and hated
since first grade. We were going to murder Megan Adams.
But how?

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