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2004-07-02 12:16:02 (UTC)

Basics for Thursday, July 1, 2004


** Laundry
** Yardwork and gardening
** Shopping in Albany this morning

DINNER: Breaded chicken fillet sandwiches and iced tea

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: He said he had enough food. I
sent two containers of ice tea and yes, a thermos of coffee;
he remembered to bring it home.

QUILTING: Quilting Liberty Eagle in frame

GRATEFUL FOR: Blueberries

READING: The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt

WEATHER: A little cloudy in the morning but clear and warm
in the afteroon with highs in the lower 80's

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Baking and clean-up

QUOTE: Sometimes in the still mornings of thse wonderful
sunlit days, when the very air is the color of
thoughtfulness, the earth and the fullness thereof seem to
contain some poignant message, ancient and persistent. ~
Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living

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