my life sux
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2004-07-02 11:44:50 (UTC)

I'm trying to come off Klonopin for the 4th time

Hello Diary,
Dr.Hedaya returned my call yesterday and after I had taken
myself off Klonopin altogether which I didn't tell him.
He said he wouldn't put me in the hospital because it could
take 4 months coming off slowly.
I told him I knew what to expect meaning I knew my seizures
would increase and I would just stay close to home.
I think it's a smart thing to so actually.
I really don't want to end up busting my head open when I'm
I don't want to worry Dennis either and he heard my
conversation with Dr.Hedaya.
Yesday I had a migraine like crazy that went away when I
went to the post office or walked back I'll remember that