Talking about Whatever
2004-07-02 05:53:11 (UTC)

Fahrenheit 9/11

Oh yeah, one more thing...

I saw the incredibly genius movie. Michael Moore is a
filmmaking God. I thought Bowling for Columbine was good,
and don't get me wrong it was great, but Fahrenheit 9/11
was so great. I live in a little town FULL of Republicans
and when I was a Junior in high school the elections were
going on. I was the only one in my class that didn't want
George W. Bush as our next president. I was totally a Gore
supporter. I got cut down so bad because of it, it
actually scarred me. So, I've never really supported Bush
during his run as President. I couldn't vote then, but I
can now and I thank God for that!!! lol. So, this movie
hopefully will help people realize what kind of President
we have. And hopefully I won't get a visit from the FBI or
anything because I've written any of this. I'M HARMLESS,
MOVIE AND TO VOTE. I haven't agreed with this war at all.
Even in the beginning when Iraq supposidly had Weapons of
Mass Destruction, I didn't agree with it. I didn't know
what Iraq had done to us and no one could tell me. This
movie explained so much to me. And it made me feel a lot
better sitting in a Sold Out theater with a bunch of other
people that felt the exact same way I did. Hearing them
clap for the same things that I clapped for made me
realize how many other people feel the same way that I do.
It was great. Unforgettable. So, I guess you know my
stance I'm a very liberal Democrat and I intend to vote
for the first time, on someone that can hopefully turn
this place around. Someone needs to help fix the
environment and this war and everything else that Bush has
done. So, Go Kerry!!!