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2004-07-02 05:36:17 (UTC)

Mike Said NO

So, I haven't finished my last entry and I'm far too lazy
to do it. I'll do it later.
I'm so damn lazy. I need a job. All I do all day is sit
around, read, and play with Timmy my dog.
I saw Phish last week. They are the greatest band ever. I
love those boys so much and I'm really going to miss
seeing them. They are genius musicians. I pre-ordered
Undermind and I got it a couple weeks ago and I keep
listening to it. I'm the only one out of everyone I've
talked to that actually likes it. And after seeing them
live again and listening to them non-stop for the past few
months, I've developed some extremely weird crush on Mike.
I've never thought any of them were really that good
looking and I heard the stories about the little girl at
the Dead show, but I still have the damn crush and I don't
do that-form crushes on unrealistic guys, ok, so maybe I
do. I think maybe it's because he's the one that didn't
want to quit and there's some feeling I have with that. I
don't know. That doesn't even really make sense. Maybe I'm
just weird. And that could totally also be an explanation.
But man, he was totally awesome at the Deer Creek shows.
Did anyone else feel that? He was on! Really, I didn't
have anything to write about, I guess -- except my undying
love for Mike Gordon. lol I need to cut down on the drugs.
Anyway, I'm going for now, but I'll be back later. Peace!

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