The weird and wonderful things...
2004-07-02 01:22:20 (UTC)

I want to be a glow-worm....

Heylo all..hows it goin? Feels like i ate wrote in here in
ages..! bt its only been 5 days or summit! och wells! hehe!
Erm well im tryin 2 think what has been happenin in the
last couple of days of my life..nuttin much!! Well i cant
really remember wats been going on so ill jus comment on
2nite etc..! LoL!

Tonight i jus went up2 Malcolms for a while n chilled about
there then we went round 2 Michael Adamsons house..which
turned out 2 b a good laff with all the drunk/stoned ppl
that hav 2 work 2moro! *mwoahaha*! i also got called a bum
off of Mark Ferguson..:p! even tho iv told him i cant work
yet..! och wells..! Then i jus decided to leave n cum home
coz Malcolm was leavin n most ppl were jus bout 2 head so i
came home bout 1ish! was an alrite nite tho!

Tomorrow im going 2 the dentist at 11.15am so i hav 2 get
up earlish like i did wen i met Graeme for coffee..! oh
thats what happened at sum point durin the week n it kiked
ass..! Cheers grum! x :P! Then im meetin Emma down the
centre 2 get sum last minute shoppin for Lisas bday..!
Really lookin forward 2 Sat at Lisas..! Anyway 2mro nite im
headin up the key 2 c a couple of bands which shud b pretty
kewl..then i think am meetin with Jonathan 2 get drunk and
dance about on top of sum hills! lmao!! Shud b pretty kewl
bt we'll wait n c!

Well Tonys bein hefty weird with me on Msn..:-/ fuck knows
why..apparently coz theres nuttin 2 spk about bt ffs could
he not jus be nice n spk 2 me n start a conversation..i
really dont think its that hard..n iv been tryin 2 start
one with him for ages..! grr..guys man..who needs
them..they piss ye off tae sum tune as Lisa wud say!!
Anyhoo i think i shud go 2 bed..!

- x adios x -

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