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2004-07-01 18:06:44 (UTC)

7.1.04 No Lines Drawn

In my desire to improve my spiritual life, I
subconciously stumbled upon the concept of drawing a line
and stopping somewhere, like one does with anthing else.
There's high school, college, grad school, and one kinda
stops reaching new levels at their doctorate. I dont want
this to stop at has to be like age....just keep
going up like there's nothin i can do about it. haha but
there's so so much I can do about it. I control my desire
for God, but He's in charge of me, if that makes any sense.
SO basically I come into his house and I let Him do the
rest. Tha Rod and I are ready, and we're gonna do all it
takes to first find God's will, and then acheive it. It's
not impossible, but it DOES take love and discipline, and
now I pray God blesses us with such love and such
discipline, and he calms our fears. In the words of CSN, I
want it to be "getting to the point where I'm no fun
anymore".......I dont mean that literally, I mean that I
have underwent such a lifestyle change that I dont even
play religious games anymore. I got news for every
Christian that is reading this. Jesus is not a thing or an
activity or something to do on Sundays or somethin to say
before bedtime....He is a CHOICE...a lifestyle. You CHOOSE
to love Jesus. And once you make that choice, He will take
care of everything else, you got my word and His on that.

Haha I know I'm doing religious ranting and I'm
sorry, cause I know it turns people off. But it's on my
heart right now, and this IS my diary....So I say what I
wanna say. Thanks.