Hokwan dish~
2004-07-01 15:27:51 (UTC)

What are bad day

唔洗做 Today is really hot! 35℃!!! I really can't afford
it! Last night, just have about five hour for bad time, but
this morning, i'm quite happy! I din't feel any sleepy!
Wake up and nine fifteen, dress up and tidy up myself, then
went to have a wonderful breakfast with my mummy and
sister, the breakfast is really delicious!!! Thanks Mum~

After swimming, although I feel a little bit tired, but
never mind~ Went back home, take bath and then...

It's time to have our lunch! Lunchtime? I think teatime
is more suitable! Because it's two o'clock now!

At night, Daddy 同我爭電視睇! 但我最後都無同佢爭,因為佢成日都
要番工,係屋企既時間短,所以咪讓下佢lor~ 我襯佢要睇既電視節目既廣告
時間先轉去我想睇個台睇一陣,但點知!?! 佢居然得寸進尺!!!搞錯ar!!!
成晚咩都唔洗做,淨係坐係度,唔公平ar!!! 日日我都有幫手做
唔緊要,我錫媽咪唔錫佢咪得lor~ 邊個叫佢偏心姐!該死!!! 最後我都發左