Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-07-01 15:05:34 (UTC)

day 9

ok so we are getting closer I am feeling it. I sang a lot
Sunday. Ben sang some really high parts. I did my Mickey
Mouse impression, and Jon, Matt2, Ben and I all sand Gang
Vocals on a Song. Matt and I even did a quasi-rap part. I
realized Sunday how crazy I get when it comes to Background
Vocals on one song I think I have at least 20 vocal parts…I
think that is AWESOME. Anywho I feel it coming together and
I can’t wait to share the finished product

I just finished a book about a man that works for our
office. He is now a Process Server but he used to work for
Funeral Homes and Apparently was a huge part of the Civil
Rights Movement and he wrote a book about his life. It was
a little weird reading about someone I knewbut
didn’t "really" know. But He had some good stories.

I have been going like crazy lately ordering Cds, movies,
and books online. It’s fun.

I have been trying lately to get my life straightened out.
I want learn and grow more. I have begun to. Work on my
relationship with Christ, work on my relationship with
Shaunna, spent a lot more time trying to think about what I
want and need. I have been working on my vocals everyday as
to strengthen and maybe expand my vocals and range. I have
been studying music theory and recording more intently, and
I have been making sure to include a workout regimine that
works for me along with eating better. I already am feeling
better and noticing a difference due to all these changes.

Apparently I am a bad friend. I know I shouldn’t forget
things but is it really my fault? I have the worst memory
in the world. I wish people wouldn’t take things so
personal. It’s never only one person it’s everyone and
everything. I never remember anything ARG!

So I am at work once again and well, they are trying to
crack down on internet use. Which SUX! That is one of the
main reasons I look forward to work. The good thing is I
have begun to work from 11AM-7PM so I getting to have a lot
more slack time and less people are there later so I can
hopefully still get on just not as much.
ok well back to the grind

I’ll write more as crap happens and as I remember and have

CD: Hives / Walk Idiot Walk (single) – ok this song ROCKS,
and Thrills / So much for the City – 1st listen I ddin’t
like 4th LOVE
Movie: Dodgeball – SEE IT!
Book: Griffin and Selena – weird artistic and fun