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2004-07-01 06:58:08 (UTC)

out with the old, in with the new

I am trying to forget Duncan. And a summer fling is a great
way to ensure that i won't like Duncan anymore. I met Jon
Black at Windy Gap which is a young life summer camp. He's
lives in Charleston and is beautiful and plays guitar and
well i just think he is awesome. I talked to hime for about
an hour at camp and he was really cool to just hang out
with... and he has this little giggle. wow... he's dreamy.
I've never looked at someone and thought " that is the boy
i am going to marry" before ever in my life until i saw
Jon. And wow, i just think he is totaly perfect. There's
just one minor set back: he's got a girlfriend that he
moved to Charleston for... but she is in med school and
Drew and Emma say that there is not a chance that they will
stay together because he is an aspiring musicain and shes
not his type. But if thats what makes him happy than i am
sure she is an awesome girl. Oh yeah, did i mention that he
is about 24 i think... oh well. He is a young life leader
in Charleston and i am going to be one there too ( i was
going to lead even before i met him though i promise) so
that should be cool. I am definetly looking forward to
meeting some really cool people in college. I am so sick of
some of the people that i am frineds with now. The shit
that I put up with is ridiculous and i can't believe that i
spent an entire high school career hanging out with these
people and letting them walk all over me... oh well, only 2
more months and then it will be over!
I am so excited about my suitemate ( and soon hopefully
roommate) Laura Ward. I have been emailing and talking to
her online for a while and she is just totally awesome! I
think that we are really going to get along so well. we
seem to have just about the same lifestyle and we listen to
the same kind of music and she is just awesome! I can't
wait! well i really must get going to be cause i have to be
up in about 4 hours or so! I will try to write again sooner
that a coupld months! Love ya ~ Christina

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