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2004-07-01 05:40:07 (UTC)

la tee da

things better start looking up for me. geez. today, brett
text me about 9ish and told me that savannah and cindy had
driven ALL the way up to florence to buy a video game..? my
ass. SO im not going to go into details but all i have to
say is if i ever see them or talk to either one of them, im
sure as fuck going to give them a piece of my mind. i think
they are fucking up to something and i am going to put a
stop to it.
ANYWAYS.. i babysat today. took max up to the pool, and
brett came up for about an hour to keep me and max company.
that was fun. yea, so its 1:35 am and i work tomorrow at
8.. so that means i have to be up by 7... EWW
yea, so tonight, my mom and i got into a huge fight bc she
is an uber bitch. first off, she won't let me go to
michigan w/ brett and his family bc she's gay. i will be 18
in two months, im responsible, brett is responsible, we're
good kids! AND also, she is all pissed bc my wrists are
fucked up big time, and i asked her to make me an appt and
the day i told her to she said she couldn't bc she didn't
want to take an "Extended lunch" so she could meet me. SOO
she schedule an appt for the day i work AND babysit, and
she told me to call off both, fuck that, i owe my parents
3500 bucks, i can't afford not to work a day. speaking of
not working a day. in the past two weeks i have had ONE day
off of work, and for the next 12 days i work at blue chip
and babysit 5 days. greeeat. so anyways, not much else to
say. its really freakin hott in this room so im gonna get
off of here.
and by the way.. thanks everyone who has been leaving notes
in this thing, it means a lot to me.