Pieces of Me
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2004-06-30 23:24:09 (UTC)

I Love... friends.

I really do, and I don't know what I would do without
them. I'd probably suffer from severe injury-related
boredom and testosterone overload, among other things that
might otherwise seriously threaten my already-dwindling
levels of sanity.

So I thought maybe while the boneless chicken breasts are
defrosting in the microwave, I might enclose a list of my
closest friends and why I love them as much as I do.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Danae: I love Danae because she is my soul mate (in a non-
romantic kind of way, of course). I know I can depend on
her for anything and tell her everything, and she will
tell me exactly what she thinks without judging me or
thinking badly of me. We always know exactly what's going
on in each other's minds without having to say a word, and
we understand exactly what each other means even if the
words don't come out quite the way we would want them
to. Hence, I also love....

Dusty: Of course I also love him in the platonic best
friend-ish way that I love Danae. He may not be able to
read my mind, and I cannot read his, but he is the male
version of Danae, and he seems like the perfect addition
to her life. I always feel like I can trust him with all
the information I trust Danae with, and he will tell me
exactly what he thinks of any situation if Danae doesn't
beat him to it.

Lindsey: Lindsey has been one of my best friends since 8th
grade (after she stopped stealing my lunch in 7th! LoL).
She brings the harmless atheist fun to life, and I can
always go to her if I want to get into a good, heated
debate. I also know that I can always go to her with any
problem of mine, and she will offer her straight-forward
secular wisdom and personal opinions without judging me.
She is my opposite, but I love her anyway.

Alyssa: I like to say that Alyssa is my blonde twin. Very
much like me physically, only with strawberry blonde hair
and more freckles, we often find ourselves finishing each
other's sentences without realizing that we were even
thinking the same thing. She brings a carefree fun to life
that includes the same sexual pervertedness of Molly, only
quieter and less revealing in public. I know I can always
go shopping with her without feeling self-conscious, and
she will always sympathize with me when it comes to being
chubby and having the world's crappiest levels of self-
esteem ever.

Tiffany: I've known Tiffany forever. She has a great sense
of humor and manages to see the bright side of things. She
is a lot like me in a lot of ways (only she loves cats and
I definitely don't), and she always helps me to see the
good and the beautiful in myself when I need it the most.
She understands the tough parts of life and is always
there when I need it... and without her, there would be
no "Scrotum Song". Thanks Tiffy, I love you!

Asher: When I need some advice from a guy's point of view,
or when I just need someone to hug for awhile, I can go to
Asher... that is, when he feels like talking to me or
hanging out with me (which isn't so much lately). He's a
guy without being overwhelmingly perverted
or egotistical (unless he gets bombarded with "you're hot"
compliments), which is something I really appreciate. He's
sexy, at least by popular consensus (which is why he has
been given nick names such
as 'sexican' and 'sexi mexi'), intelligent except when
he's tipsy, sensitive as far as guys go, and
he is often capable of talking more than any girl I know.
I hope he has fun at college, surrounded by women who will
no doubt throw themselves at him. Self restraint, Asher...
self restraint!

Dave: When I want to watch a perverted movie filled with
boobs, full-on frontal views, kissing chicks, scantily
clad women, or just lots of talk about sex at a bare
minumum, Dave is the man. He is not ashamed to cry at
events such a graduation and is not embarassed to admit
when he cries during a touching movie. All 'typical guy'
with just a hint of something else in there, he's ALWAYS
willing to go out and do something and have fun, and he
adds a little something extra to things that no one else
could possibly manage even to grasp. Dave... there is no
one like you, and there never will be. And I mean that in
a good way. LoL.

Stephen: Yes Stephen, I love you too (in a platonic way,
despite what you may think!). When it comes to
philosophies on life and just about anything else (with a
few exceptions, of course), he may as well just have read
my mind and taken my thoughts as his own. He understands
me like no one else does (or at least does a really good
job at faking it) and knows more about me than basically
anyone else on the planet. He usually knows my exact
thought process even before I do, and he knows what's good
for me even if I won't admit it to myself. He will always
tell me the truth about what he thinks whether I ask for
it or not... and no one else could tease me like he does.

Molly: I'm sure everyone loves Molly for the same reasons
I do. Molly is her own woman all the time, and no one will
ever change that. She does what she feels like when she
feels like doing it wherever she happens to be, and the
fact that she has balls (in a non-literal sense) is
definitely to be respected. Molly is a sexy, one-of-kind
female with nice boobs, perfect cleavage, and a fashion
sense all her own. No party is the same without Molly...
she always spices things up in ways only she possibly
could. I love you, Molly! Stay sexy!

To be continued... maybe... if I ever get around to it....