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2004-06-30 21:29:57 (UTC)

It's Summer!

This last week we've been getting ready for the Fourth of
July holiday and a visit from Jack. His flight is due in at
2:00 a.m. early Saturday morning and he's leaving again
early Tuesday evening for New Mexico where he'll spend a few
days with friends before heading back to D.C.

He asked that we don't schedule him for anything on Saturday
because he'll be very tired. Works for us! We'll be very
tired too! He wants to spend the day relaxing, napping and
spending some time with his brothers. Sunday we'll go to
church in the morning and have a Fourth of July barbecue at
our home in the afternoon with John's parents. Gavin won't
be able to be there because he's working that day so we'll
have a family day, perhaps another barbecue or maybe a trip
to the coast depending upon how exhausted everyone is, on
Monday which is also John's 56th birthday. Tuesday we'll
spend with my Dad and sister. John was lucky he was able to
get both of those days off work.

We'll be having hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad,
chips, iced tea and soda. I asked Jack what kind of pies
he'd like and he said cherry and strawberry/rhubarb so I'll
be baking those on Friday. I'll make some star shaped sugar
cookies, decorated with red, white and blue sugars. And
also a white cake with raspberry filling which I'll decorate
with those cute little flag toothpicks. I'll send some
dessert leftovers home with John's parents but I'm not too
worried I'll bake too much with all those guys around!
I've updated my books read for 2004 to include those I read
in June. The total so far is 76 books. I don't think I'll
have too much trouble getting to my goal of 100 books read
this year.
Aimee gave me copies of the photographs she'd taken of
Steven's display at the war memorial museum in Indianapolis.
I called them and spoke to the curator of Vietnam artifacts
and he was very helpful. It was Steven's parents who
donated these items. There isn't too much information, he
said, because the items were given to them in 1973 when the
museum was just opened and no one who worked there then
still works there.

Aimee said that there were very few individual displays.
I'm so happy to know that Steven has not been forgotten. She
got a good shot of the photo of him which appeared to
be from his high school yearbook. He looked so very, very
young. It made me cry.