a little piece of me
2004-06-30 17:55:32 (UTC)

quick weight update

i'm now at 19 pounds. not too shabby. turtle is on a
little plateau. he's been stuck at about 21 pounds for
the last week. i'm sure he'll keep moving. at least i'm
catching up to him!

got a meeting with another bank today to see if we can
get this damn loan through. we were supposed to
close on the 9th, but there's no way in hell that's going
to happen. luckily, the sellers gave us an extension. i
was just really hoping to get moved in there fairly soon.
we'll see how it goes today. i don't want to get my
hopes up because i'm sure something else is going to
go wrong. that's just how life works, i guess.

nothing else new i guess. have lots of baby lovebirds
that i need to sell. stan was going to buy one, but i
guess he changed his mind. that sucks, but what can i
do? i'm stuck with 4 baby birds. i should take them by
some of the other pet stores and see if they'll buy them.
probably not, but it's worth a shot i think.

ok, gotta get ready to head to the bank. keeping my
fingers crossed...